Caring for Your Senior Pet

Caring for Your Senior Pet

Caring for Your Senior Pet 

Pets tend to have a shorter lifespan in relative comparison to us humans, and their years of seniority will typically come about at 6 to 13 years for dogs. This range will vary depending on the species, as different breeds have different lifespans. Another determining factor when it comes to your canine's lifespan is the organ system. Improved healthcare and a better understanding of pet health have subsequently extended the life expectancy for dogs. 

As a result, the age of seniority can be for quite a stretch, and this brings about a whole new challenge relating to general care and health issues for senior pets. Along with vets, leading pet health organizations AAHA and AVMA have also made their insights known on this matter.  

Here’s a list of smart healthcare tips you can employ to keep your senior pet healthy:

  • Employ a healthy diet
  • This approach is the primary way of keeping your dog happy and healthy from the first day. For an older dog, a healthy meal plan is crucial. It pays to remember that obesity remains a risk all through the lifespan of your dog and as such, smart choices have to be made to maintain a healthy weight as well. 

    Obesity will reduce your furry companion's lifespan, and should be continuously monitored. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has given a worrying statistic that 53 percent of dogs are either overweight or obese.

    Cannabis dog treats can work like a charm. Senior pets tend to have an array of issue that may bring pain and discomfort. The hemp dog treats are 100 percent natural, organic, and safe for use. Hemp treats are known to have a myriad of benefits including improved appetite and have been reported to be an effective pain reliever that also helps with anxiety and inflammation with no known side effects. Obesity is also known to increase the risk for some cancers as well as metabolic diseases like diabetes. Excessive weight in pets also causes orthopedic complications, among other health challenges. A healthy diet with the best quality ingredients keeps your canine healthy.

  • Ensure that your canine companion gets enough exercise
  • The health of your dog is dependent not only on a proper diet but also on regular work out. Always ensure that your furry friend gets enough exercise and generally remains mobile. It is vital to consult a vet to understand the amount or intensity of activity that is most suitable for your specific species, as some need more exercise than others. 

    A vet will usually have a good understanding of your dog's health as well as limitations and can give critical advice that can prove priceless in designing an exercise program.The other key advantage of involving your vet is that he/she can recommend suitable medication for the wholesome health of your senior pet, as well as helping your dog enjoy a good level of comfort. NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) go a long way in reducing discomfort and prove useful along with other drugs that aid both flexibility and mobility.

    1. Keep those vet visits regular

    All pet owners need to have their companions checked regularly, and this becomes a critical part when caring for dogs in their years of seniority. Visits to the veterinarian are a crucial part of maintaining your dog's wellbeing. Data shows that only a worrying 14 percent of senior dogs have the regular health checks and screening that veterinarians recommend. Health checks for senior pets should take place every six months according to the AAHA (The American Animal Health Association). Tests on your pet ensure that there are no clinically silent conditions. It is during these visits that you get additional advice on how to keep your senior pet healthy and active.

  • Maintain your canine’s dental health
  • Oral diseases in your dog cause discomfort spread bacteria and can affect feeding. It is therefore critical that you remember to regularly brush and feed your dog food that is also good for overall dental health. Plaque and tartar are controlled using professional cleaning services, along with some specially formulated diets. Your vet will give insights on how to maintain your dog's dental health and methods of keeping a good level of cleanliness right from home in-between the professional cleanings.

    These are some of the advantages of keeping up the dental health of your pet:

    1. Overall fresh breath
    2. You avoid the unnecessary occurrence of dental illnesses that are likely to affect your pet’s organs
    3. Poor maintenance of oral health leaves your pet susceptible to periodontal disease  
    4. Poor oral health can lead to particularly painful loss of teeth
    5. Your dog’s teeth also experience wear and tear and need proper care
    6. Good oral hygiene helps prevent other health complications in your senior pet

    Good health remains key to the overall wellbeing of your canine companion, so take care of it well.

    1. Continually appreciate the importance of love, care, and companionship

    Your pet needs a lot of patience, especially as the years advance. Older dogs are going to be  generally less energetic, and considerably less playful as well. This state of reduced activity is not mean that your furry companion loves you any less or isn't in the mood for play, but is as a result of age and reduced energy levels. A pet parent needs to show patience and affection continually. 

    The warmth extended to your senior pet brings about improved health and overall better mental condition for your dog, leading with a long, healthy life.

    Every pet parent will have a borderless love for their canine companion, and as these soul mates age, special care remains crucial. Animals give unconditional love, continually. As the years pile on, predictably, their health needs more and more attention. It is up to us to go the extra mile for them. Care, love and constant affection are the least we can give in return.

    There are a lot more you can do for your senior pet, here are a few ideas:



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